Seven Ways I Use

Of late, my use of is on the increase. I kept wondering why I use it more now than I did before. Here are seven reasons (among many others).

1.As a bookmark service is integrated well into Firefox browser. A single click lets me add a book mark. It is very easy to use.

2. As a tool to jog my memory
I often forget why I bookmarked a resource. When I bookmark with, however, I can mark a paragraph on the page and it automatically becomes the description. Or I can type my own description to jog my memory.

3. Discovering other resources
Tagging is a quick way to remember and categorize your bookmarks. I use some of the popular tags available in when possible. Otherwise, I make up my own. This way when I click on a tag, not only lists my bookmarks but others as well.

4. Finding popular tech topics
I use the service as a way of finding popular topics related to technology. I also try other services like memeorandum, technorati (for blogs), digg etc. But is one of my favorites.

5. Trend Spotting
The popular bookmarks on and the popularity of certain tags gives me a broad sense of tech trends.

6. Reading List
When I read a blog or an article on the web, I find interesting links for further reading. I simply add the links to and get back to the articles when I have more time.

7. Blog material
Since I started blogging more regularly, I am constantly looking for topics in my areas of interest. is one of my sources. Others include alerts from InfoMinder (our own product), some of my favorite blogs (I use bloglines), material from the mailing list etc.

You probably have a lot of creative ways of using the service. I will be interested in knowing how you use this or a similar service.