Trends, Predictions, Reviews and Watch Lists

As a new year dawns, we will see lots of reviews of the old year’s lists, new predictions for 2007 and beyond and disruptive technologies to watch. I would like to capture some of these, related to technology and business.

Predictions 2007

CodeProject Survey Results

I like this one since it provides the wisdom of a group instead of a single person’s view

Ten Tech Trends for 2007 – Mercury News

My favorite – Tipping point for Solar Energy.

Five Disruptive Technologies to Watch in 2007 by David Storm, Information Week

RFID, WebServices, Server Virtualization, Mobile Security, Graphics Processing.

Predictions 2006

Why do I have them here? I think it is worth reviewing them to see which ones still apply.

Ten Trends to watch in 2006 from McKinsey

They Are Easy To Digest

Here is a nice post on why Top 10 reasons why ‘Top 10′ lists are so popular. I think that this applies to any list, even 3 or 5 or 7 items. So I tend to use them lot everywhere including the documents I write.

My favorites:

  • They are easy to digest
  • They’re inherently linkable
  • They will spread and be shared

A few other potential additions to the list:

  • The are concise (save readers a lot of time)
  • Whey you have to say something in a few words, you will think a lot before saying it
  • Whether organized or not, they read well. If you number them, however, you may want to rank them too