Blogging Has Changed My Life

From Vaibhav of Technofriends in a Blogr Tools interview.

Definitely blogging has changed my life a lot. My blog is like a baby to me. After starting this blog, I have kind of started being more research oriented. The vital questions which I ask myself have made me become more focused in my approach. It clearly helps. Apart from all this, its also about a brand image called YOU. I have also got more focus/attention from open communities / individuals because of my blog.

I connected with Vaibhav only a few months ago when I saw a link to my blog from Technofriends. Nice to see that his efforts getting some visibility.

Blogging has changed my life too.

  • It gave me a way to share what I know
  • It got me an anchor on the web where I can point other people to when they ask me what I do
  • It let me keep track of topics I learn and am interested in
  • It got me lots of friends around the world
  • It made me introspect a lot more than I used to

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