Tall Claims

Once in a while I get an email that starts out with:

We are a world leading….

When I read that, I cringe a bit and promptly delete the email. I don’t understand why there is a compulsion to claim to be “world leading” .

What is wrong with:

  • We are a product company growing fast (if that is really true)
  • Our products are liked by our customers (can be proven)
  • We provide good service (can be proven)
  • We are always trying to please our customers
  • We try hard to keep improving ( a modest claim but can be believed)

I am still trying to understand some of these marketing communications. I think more than anything else, what you say must be believable. Trust me. If you are world leading in anything, people are likely to know you without your saying so.


I am guilty of this tendency too, to some extent. We claim that “x is the coolest way to…”. That was my immaturity in clear evidence.

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