What do Product Managers do?

The term “Product Management” evolved somewhat. For me, it was a bit of a confusing term. Product Managers (aka PMs) did not fit into either development or marketing roles. Once I figured out what PMs did, I wanted to explain it to others like me with foggy notions.
Here are three pretty good articles that demystify Product Management. 
  1. Evolution of the Product Manager – ACM Queue http://bit.ly/2gRj6rk
  2. The Product Manager Contribution | Silicon Valley Product Group bit.ly/2gSCVOW
  3. How product managers are slowly becoming mini CEOs bit.ly/2imVePW

There are also a couple of books, I like.

Product Management Books - Inspired


My son suggested that I read Inspired.  A few days later, I forgot the title and was searching for books on Kindle, when I found 42 Rules.

product managment books - 42 rules


Both are great books to read. Let me see whether I can capture the essence in a future post.

After the reading all the stuff and thinking about it and reflecting on my own founder as PM role, I came to the following conclusion.

Product managers play the role of glue between customers, product(s), marketing, sales and engineering.


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